About me

I have been working with CSOs and international institutions since the early 90s. I am an activist and professional standing-up for Global Justice, Human Rights, Democratization and Feminism.

I lived a total of 8 years in Central America (mainly in Guatemala) where I worked with NGOs, the EU Delegation and the United Nations’ Peace missionI was the founding director of CONCORD, the European Confederation of Development and Relief NGOs, from 2003 to 2013. A great experience that led me to the current stage of my professional life.

Currently I am engaged – mainly with CSOs – from a “freelance Activist” perspective focusing on the links between local struggles, social and political innovations & the international agenda. “Freelance Activist” means that I intend to erase and overcome the artificial border between activism and professional work. When it comes to “paid work” (50% of my time) I offer ‘consultancy services’ but within a collective agenda which is the one of Civil Society Actors that see their role as ‘actors for change’ for better, fairer and rights based’ societies. I believe CSOs must invest more in strategies for change (instead of strategies for their own brand) from within citizens movements (instead of from within the system).

I am a committed member of the “SmartCSOs” European Network, of the international committee of the “Fondation de France” and of the French citizens’ movement Utopia.

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